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From Emotional Intelligence to Emotional Resiliency

Emotional intelligence is a teachable skill that we can all learn. It is what enables us to achieve emotional resiliency—the ability to cope with and handle our emotional experiences without becoming reactive or numb. Learn how to start from where you are now, today, and move towards emotional wellness.

De-Weeding Your Mental Garden

Giving the emotional weeds in your mind the occasional mow only removes them from sight temporarily. If you want to cultivate a healthy emotional garden, you’ve got to pull those weeds up from the root. Emotional intelligence expert Bonnie Kelly shares tips on how to de-weed your mind of emotional clutter and cultivate a garden of healthy thoughts and feelings.

From Victim to Victory

Bonnie Kelly overcame a lifetime of abuse, drug addiction and feelings of worthlessness to reclaim her emotional health and transform her life forever. She explains how to move from being a victim to discovering victory in life.

The Thought Tornado of Destruction

If your unconscious beliefs about yourself are controlling your life, you may be falling prey to the Thought Tornado of Destruction. The subconscious mind gives step-by-step instructions to the conscious mind, telling it what to see, feel, hear and perceive. Bonnie explains how to reclaim control over unconscious beliefs.

Dismantling Our Negative Core Beliefs

Negative Core Beliefs are the subconscious power statements we hold to be true about ourselves and the world we live in. These beliefs are formed early in childhood and are subsequently validated throughout our lives. Eventually, the belief becomes so deeply ingrained that we’re no longer even aware of it. Left undiscovered and unchanged, it will wreak havoc in our lives. Bonnie shares how to identify and uproot these beliefs.

Emotional Intelligence for the Office

Do you feel like people walk all over you at work? Does it seem like no one likes you? If you are experiencing these or other negative beliefs about your work relationships, it’s time for a course in emotional intelligence.

The Practice of Forgiveness

We all want to believe that forgiveness is a feeling we can attain or a one-time act we can perform and be done with. This is not the case. Forgiveness is a choice we must make again and again. Cultivating a healthy forgiveness practice is essential for your emotional wellbeing.

Healthy Boundaries as a Forgiveness Tool

When someone has hurt us, we form an idea in our minds of what is unacceptable. This is usually healthy and normal, but it is also important to examine how we may then unconsciously apply such determinations as hard-and-fast demands at the expense of our relationships. Bonnie explains how to set healthy boundaries and forgive.

Understanding the 'Why' of Self-Sabotage

Bonnie will help your audience recognize what self-sabotage looks and feels like. From procrastination to self-criticism, she will guide them in understanding why they are stuck in a cycle of self-sabotage and, most importantly, how to break free!

Get Out of Your Way

Root. Release. Resolve. These three steps will help your audience identify self-limiting beliefs and learn to rewrite them. With these skills, audience members have the tools they need to turn their limitations into opportunities for growth, instead of getting stuck in the failure trap. In doing so, they'll learn to get out of their way and start living the life they deserve!
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