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Growing an Organic Mind

De-weed Your Life and Learn How to Become Emotionally Resilient at Home, at Work and in Love

There are so many different programs out there to help people detox their physical bodies, from diets to nutrition guides to sugar detoxes and food cleanses, but what about your mind and your emotions? Our emotional reality permeates all that we experience. If you’re not in the right emotional state, your emotional toxicity will contaminate everything you do.

Emotional intelligence expert, speaker and author Bonnie Kelly teaches people how to de-weed their minds of unhelpful emotions and become emotionally resilient by recognizing and weeding out Negative Core Beliefs—hurtful subconscious power statements we believe to be true about ourselves, such as: “I’m not good enough,” I don’t deserve to be loved” or “I can’t do anything right.”

It's not your fault, but it is your responsibility.

In her new book, “True to Your Core: Uncovering the Subconscious Beliefs Wreaking Havoc in Your Life,” Bonnie guides people to recognize the weight of regrets, shame and guilt from the past and how they are currently impacting our present lives. Through bringing these unconscious patterns into our conscious awareness, Bonnie supports readers in moving from victim to victory. It's never too late to de-weed your life and cultivate a healthy, organic emotional state!

21-Day Emotional Detox™

Bonnie’s 21-Day Emotional Detoxprogram helps you get out of your way so you can get on with your life! The latest science shows that it takes 18 – 21 days to establish a new habit. Bonnie guides you through that period step by step so you come out emotionally “weed free” on the other side.

Week 1: Surrender and Clear
The first seven days are about clearing your mind of the toxicity we are bombarded with every day through our own negative thoughts, the media or negative people in our lives. Surrender to giving up this toxic baggage and lift the emotional fog you’ve been in.

Week 2: Mindfulness Training
Change requires work and happiness requires training! Reclaim your inner peace and take back control of your mind.

Week 3: Clean, Clear, In Control
In the final week of the program, intention, purpose and direction come into play. You will begin to align your affirmations with your actions and cultivate and intentional mind space.

MindFu™ Academy

Bonnie Kelly’s MindFu Academy houses her body of online coursework. Named after the martial art Kung Fu, it honors the practice, energy, discipline and time it takes to cultivate our mind’s emotional well-being. Her growing course list includes the 21-Day Emotional Detox program as well as:

Forgiving the UnforgivableLearn to let go of the past, release expectations, judgments and “shoulds,” establish healthy boundaries and practice the ongoing art of forgiveness.

FitQ 101™Change your mind to change your body. Learn how to love your naked self and leave dieting behind forever.

The Over It AcademyThis year long program is at the heart of Bonnie’s work. Go deep with your commitment to self-awareness and conscious though patterns and discover your path to your best self.

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